10 Gifts to Give Yourself.

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 As we celebrate February  – American Heart Month, it is essential that you take the time to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.  As REALTORS, we are in the business of helping others to achieve their dreams.  Do the same for yourself with gifts that only you can give to yourself, and in most, cases, don’t cost much.

1.    Knowledge –  I want to continue to learn, stretch and grow.

2.    A challenge – Something to strive for, something slightly beyond my reach, something that will make me sweat.

3.    Good health – Only I can give myself this gift.

4.    A little “down time” – If I wait for someone else to give me this, it will never happen.

5.    Forgiveness – I’ve made mistakes; I’m sure I’ll make more, and I’m going to forgive myself.

6.    Courage – For moving forward and pushing on even when I’m afraid.

7.    Confidence – It has to come from me.

8.    A break – I’m going to stop being my worst critic.

9.    A compliment – Every day I’m going to acknowledge something that I did well.

10. An optimistic outlook – My attitude, my perspective, my view of the world is up to me.


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