Fifth Day of the Texas State Chapter Installation Season

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On the FIFTH day of the season (December 7th), FOUR CHAPTERS held their installations.

L to R: Velma De Los Santos, Rebecca Carlson- 1999 TX State President; Robby Valadez – 2012 TDVP, Carl Leatherman, Alma Coronado

The Brownsville Chapter held their Installation.  Congratulations to Velma De Los Santos – President; Carl Leatherman – President-elect; Ludy Fisher – Vice President of Membership; Linn Wilcott – Secretary and Nora Pompa – Treasurer.  Rebecca Carlson, 1999 Texas State President, installed Velma and her leadership team.  Robby Valadez, 2012 District Vice President was also in attendance.

VaLois Hounsel, 2012 State President, installing Rodney Rowan, 2012 Chapter President

The Dallas Metro East Chapter held their Installation.  Congratulations to Rodney Rowan – President; Linda Marthe – President-Elect; Melanie Roberts – VP of Membership; Nikki Green – Secretary; and Melinda Epps – Treasurer.  VaLois Hounsel, 2012 State President, installed Rodney and his leadership team.  Sylvia Seabolt,  2012 State President-elect, Holly Kincaid, 2012 State Governor and David Cox, 2012 District Vice President were also in attendance.

L to R: Rosanna Hudson, Bob Lumby, Kelly Martin, VaLois Hounsel, Holly Kincaid, Kristen Neff

The Northeast Tarrant County Chapter held their Installation.  Congratulations to Kelli Martin – President; Bob Lumby – President-elect; Rosanna Hudson – Vice President of Membership; Shana Bohnsack – Secretary and Kristen Neff – Treasurer.  VaLois Hounsel, 2012 State President installed Kelly and her leadership team.  Holly Kincaid, 2012 State Governor was in attendance.

L to Ri: Diane Lauer, Susie Sheffield, Sheila Moran-Stanush, Cindy Cox, Corie Boldt, Jackie Browning and Margo Willis

The San Antonio Chapter held their Installation.  Congratulations to Cindy Cox – President;  Sheila Moran-Stanush – President-elect; Corie Boldt – Vice President of Membership; Susie Sheffield – Secretary and Jackie Browning – Treasurer.  Margo Willis, 2011 WCR National President installed Cindy and her leadership team.  Also in attendance were Carolyn Wyckoff – 1993 TX State President; Sharon Eddings – 2011 State President; Sharon Morton-  2012 State Governor


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