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GA Report WCR BOD  •  September,  2011 Convetion  
David Burton, 2011 Political Affairs Liaison, WCR TX
State of the State 
As you know we the TAR had HUGE success during the legislative session because of members like you investing time to participate and money in our PAC.  – Some highlights and things to remember:
  • The last day to register to vote in the November 2011 general election is Tuesday, Oct. 11.
  • Starting with the November 2011 election, you must take a photo ID with you to vote.

New laws went into effect Sept. 1
On September 1st provisions of more than 700 bills passed during the regular session of the 82nd Legislature took effect. Additionally, parts of eight bills passed in 2009 became law.

The Legislative Research Library of Texas has a full list of effective dates.

The latest Texas REALTOR® Update includes a recap of some of the new laws going into effect September 1 that will affect you. Play along with the quiz-show format to test your knowledge.

November things to watch: there will be ten constitutional amendments on the November 2011 ballot. 3 Propositions TAR is supporting – one to note Prop 2 – we have joined a coalition:  H2O4TX  The House Research Organization has a useful breakdown of the amendments. This publication includes background information, a summary of the issue, and what opponents and supporters are saying.

Now is the time for action – it is paramount we are participating – lead by example WCR Congress has started work this week but has not acted to extend FHA Loan Limits and the National Flood Insurance Program NFIP beyond their current expiration dates of Sept 30
th. On Monday – NAR will make a new push to get more REALOTRS® to respond to the CALL TO ACTION (CFA) on the NFIP. Currently only 53,300 members have taken action on this issue resulting in 6.4% response rate. It is critical now to get more letters to Capitol Hill, asking Congress not to let the NFIP expire. The CFA will include a new video by REALTORS® –

Ask fellow members and office mates to go to REALTOR® action center to take action:
Visit the NAR Action Center

Please know that it is paramount to continue our grassroots efforts during the upcoming elections. With redistricting and the general discontent that the public is feeling right now, we must be diligent to ensure that candidates who are supportive of private property rights and the health of the real estate industry get elected and re-elected to office. We are going to be going into a legislative session that will face another budget shortfall that may be as big as the one we faced this time. We’ve already made the deep budget cuts so they won’t be able to rely on making cuts next session…they will have to find new revenue. Will it be from the real estate industry? You can help determine that by working to ensure the right folks get elected. This will happen by local associations doing candidate interviews and making recommendations for support to TREPAC, by getting out there and working on Opportunity Races, and by making sure that you and everyone you know get to the polls on Election Day. Together we can make a difference and protect our industry, but it will take all of us…


  • THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU …for the ongoing partnership we are so proud of what has grown between WCR and TREPAC …and how effective this relationship has been.  YOU are an example of the importance of involvement on state and association levels. YOU ARE LEADERS!!!!
  • As mentioned before our successful legislative session didn’t happen by accident…it happens because of a strong PAC, grassroots and partnerships such as the one with WCR
  • Remind them of the ongoing threats at the national level (CFA’s)
  • For those of you that got “LEID last night” thank you…hope you enjoy the photos
  • There will be other opportunities at convention…Opening reception…and final push sweepstakes on Sept. 22nd  for an iPad2 – so invest often and support our industry
  • Looking ahead…remember that the money we invest today…will help us elect the right candidates running in primary and general elections for 2012…so we must finish off strong! We will be wrapping up our 2011 fundraising year at the end of this month.

The devastating consequences of apathy
The August 2011 issue of Texas REALTOR® magazine has a fantastic Viewpoint column in which a Texas real estate appraiser blasts his former trade association for their “lack of leadership” in the HVCC and AMC issue.

This article should make two things apparent:

  • First, threats to the real estate industry are everywhere.
  • Second, the Texas Association of REALTORS® and TREPAC have a long history of protecting, consumers, property rights, and the viability of the real estate industry.

INVEST – it’s easy:

Do your part by investing today … don’t wait till it’s too late!

To Do:  • Get more than just headlines – follow @TexasTREPAC for the latest tweets from the Capitol • Tell your colleagues to sign up for the Legislative Liaison e-mail newsletter


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