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Missy Stagers

What is your real estate background?
  Number of years and primary experience?

Residential real estate.  I am an associate broker with Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper in San Antonio for the last 18 years.  I run a team of five agents, two who help sell.

Why did you join Women’s Council of REALTORS?  I joined WCR over 14 years ago.  I joined because it was a group of professional women I respected as well as they had a very organized structure.  The meetings were concise, provided me with education, mentoring and networking I did not find anywhere else.  I stayed for these reasons as well as the fact the members encourage you to grow and help push you to be a better you.

What has been your involvement with your local chapter?  I have been just a member for the first year and after that I think I have done something to help almost every year.  I used to be in charge of the directory long before email and the computer age took over, been through the gambit of membership spots , vp of membership, ways and means, President Elect and President in 2009.  I am still involved with the line currently as presidential advisor.

Why do you believe that Women’s Council is still a viable organization?  This organization teaches us skills that not only work in the work place but also at home.  I have learned how to organize people, put budgets together, create teamwork, pull others and myself up and achieve when I did not think it possible, I have learned how to speak in public and do it well and prepared.  I have learned how to run meetings, establish rules, and fundraise.  I have learned mentoring and have been mentored.  I have learned sisterhood, friendship and much more.  There is no other organization out there that can teach you all of this and so much more.  This organization gives a complete skill set to those who are willing to try and invest.

What ideas do you have to increase membership and strengthen chapters?   We need to get our membership to learn to express and share what has happened for them, articulate our values and spread the word.  We also need for individuals to really be membership drivers by bringing in others.  The more we have the better we become.  Sharing and caring by asking someone to be a member is important.  It is not just the job of membership.  We need to teach and uplift our current members to think about future members and progress.

90   I used to be really shy, I used to not be able to stand in front of people and talk without feeling like my heart was going to explode and I used to hang out in the crowd not stand out in the crowd.  Through my experiences and the nurturing of those women around me WCR, they seen in me a potential to grow.  I thank them every day for pushing me forwards.    I am married with grown children and am enjoying grandsons!  I have four standard poodles which I adore.  In my free time my favorite things to do are work out, read, fish and garden.  I truly believe in what Gandhi once said “ you must be the change you wish to see in this world”!


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