Obama our 44th President

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Well, change in theory is great. He is not God and his plate is a heavy one. I wish him and our government the best.
It is easy to look like a champ and end in a pile. Americans in general love a hero and will turn around and kick a singer off the “Idol”.
Honestly, he looked a little scared today. I am sure the pressure of it all is weighing on him as it settles on his shoulder. That position looks great from where we sit.
Not sure why anyone would want the position in good or bad times. It really takes someone special to try and then to be the President of the United States of America.
I am just very happy to have been born here. There is no other place in the world that we as men and women could do and have what we have. (Including animals which we spend millions of dollars a year on.)
I know others will say sure there is. I travel way to much and I can tell you there is not!
I am blessed and so is Obama. He was born an American and that is how he was able to get where he is now.
In most African countries his odds of living past the age of 12 would be huge much less grow up to be a leader. Sad that not just in Africa, but many other countries this is the case.
Again, I wish them all the best!
God Bless America and Americans period!


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