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Praises to Dave Ramsey for his comments on the Housing Market!

Last night as I laid in bed watching a little TV prior to falling asleep, I was flipping channels and came across the Dave Ramsy program. He was talking about real estate so my ears perked up and listened. I was so very impressed since he is the only real person with exposure to the general public that was finally speaking the truth about this industry.

I have been so tired of the sky is falling attitude of the media. I totally get that bad news sells, but surely people must be getting tired of this. The truth that Dave Ramsey was saying was that most of the foreclosures are in 35 counties of which most of these are in the following: California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Michigan. There is a huge thread about these areas too not just in real estate but with social ideas as well. That I won’t go into but the real estate is important. News you won’t hear on the national media is that home sales in CA alone are up over 100 percent. WOOO HAAAA but not a word about it.
Second talking point that Dave Ramsey said was that we were going to see over 3 million in foreclosures this year alone. I have said this as well most of the ones that file won’t get foreclosed on, their foreclosure will be cleared by a sale of the property, the home owner works something out or the sell with a short sale.

Third talking point that Dave Ramsey said was that according to the Reatlor.org site put out numbers for January 2009 in that month alone there were over 4 million homes sold.

Please not year and month it is important that you are in the know.

There are over 4 million out of work and funny apparently there is over 2 million jobs available. Sure might not be what you want or you might have to move to the job or whatever but there is work if you want to do what you want.

Ok, so if you have over 3 million in foreclosure in a year that is about 257,000 homes a month going into foreclosure.

Why is this news not getting on the national media—– It does not sell. Americans can’t get enough of the Dirty Laundry. We wonder why there is so much anti depressant medication available. What we allow to be feed our brains.

I am not saying not be informed. Make sure the facts are true and look for the whole story. You can’t get the whole story in a 30 second clip. Do your research.

I just want to thank Dave Ramsey for standing up to the BS that seems to be spread around on a well fertilized field ready to be planted.

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