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Savvy Saturday Session

Vickie Austin of Choices Worldwide is a woman on a mission with a message to share for “Women Who Mean Business”. She notes that “as girls & women, we receive mixed messages about power and prestige. Raised to be nice girls, we struggle up the corporate ladder or as entrepreneurs, confused by the roles we’re trained for that are in conflict with the new roles we need to fill. She tackles the conflicts of being a woman in business: money, power, position and how to have it all without losing the very people we love—or losing ourselves. She helps participants build their power base—their posse—while still honoring the people who support them along way, creating a consensus on everyone can win.”

Vickie proposes 9 Lessons for Women Who Mean Business:

1. Surround Yourself with Supportive People – (Financial Advisor, Accountant, Banker, Mortgage Broker/Lender – Doctor(s), Landscaper, Inspector, Home Warranty, Personal Virtual Assistant., Hairdresser, Housekeeper, Photographer, Technical Assistant., Handyman, Business coach, etc.) These individuals become your posse. Build your “golden rolodex” with your posse and focus on referrals for all. Have a quarterly focus group with your posse.

2. Honor These People Whenever & Wherever You Can; i.e., victories, holidays, birthdays, promotions, etc. Send more thank you cards. Watch each other’s backs.

3. It’s Okay to Toot Your Own Horn; in fact, IT’S REQUIRED. (Check out www.bragbetter.com to create “brag bites”. Weave these bites together in a story to create a memorable introduction.

4. Honor Your Feminine Style
Women are better communicators.
Women are better global managers (because of communication)
Be proud of the differences we bring to the table.

For the remaining 5 lessons, click here.

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