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Savvy Saturday Session – Ebby Halliday, the First Lady of Real Estate

How fortunate we are in the North Texas area to have a Real Estate Icon living in our midst – Ebby Halliday, the first lady of Real Estate.

At a recent Dallas Chapter Business Resource Luncheon, Ebby Halliday spoke for a few minutes and signed copies of her book. As a former Ebby agent, I respectfully stood in line for a few minutes of conversation, a warm smile and a personalized autographed copy of her book.

Among the many reasons to admire this woman, I feel one of the best is her continued dedication to “educate women and give them an honest and professional way to earn a good living”. This hold true today as well as it did when she started her real estate firm.

The book is filled with pearls of wisdom that I wanted to share…

“Customer is always right. Winning an argument never won a sale. Always do what you promise and do it when you said you would.

Communicate well. Learn to speak well and dress in businesslike attire that reinforces your professional message.

Community service was a public relations tool for the individual agent and her firm. Serving on city councils, park boards, zoning board, committees and task forces of the YMCA, YWCA, United Fund, and Chamber of Commerce help to enhance the image of both the agent and the firm. “

“You want to know the secret of success?” Ebby has asked audiences across the country. “Make people feel that you are interested in them. Make them feel special. Make it real.” Today she adds, “Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and never retire!”

Pick up a copy today at a local WCR chapter meeting or the book store. Be inspired and motivated!

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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