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Savvy Saturday Session – Mid Year Meeting – “Annual Report – A Guide to Excellent Chapters” with Mary Ann Jeffers, Region 9 Vice President

The third lab session at the Mid Year Meeting facilitated by a Texan was to have been Carol Reynolds but due to the health problems of her father, Mary Ann Jeffers graciously stepped in and handled the session. The “Annual Report – A Guide to Excellent Chapters” session was well attended and the participants left with a better understanding of what is needed to earn a Gold Level Award. An Involved Chapter … is a successful chapter!

Statistics for 2008:

286 Active Chapters
261 or 91% submitted Annual Report by deadline
178 Receiving Gold or Silver Awards
38% functioning below Silver Level

Changes for 2009:

11 New – 1 point for each WCR local chapter elected officer who is a director of their local association.
Provide docs from web site or association
14 Submit 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year Recipient
Award’s name changed – open to everyone
23a Points awarded equally for each officer attending national meetings.
No requirement that LCP/PE must attend to receive points for other officers!

The power point presentation Click here could be used for local chapter officer orientation to help explain how the Annual Report keeps the chapter on track by giving a detailed account of exactly what should be done to have an effective organization. The Annual/Business Plan is invaluable as a blueprint on which to build the current year while looking ahead to what might be needed.

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