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Savvy Saturday Session – Mid Year Meeting – “Chapter Programming that Works” with VaLois Hounsel

As a former teacher, it is safe to say that I am passionate about education. I felt honored and thrilled to be selected as a facilitator for the lab session titled “Chapter Programming that Works”. The goal was to learn from the past using technology to better plan for the future. To achieve the goal, I used an online survey – surveymonkey.com – to chart the program preferences of our members and outline sources to search for the best programs/best practices.

Many thanks to the Texas state members who helped by completing the survey. The results of the survey along with the programs that work can be found in the power point presentation. Click here to view the presentation.

The last fifteen minutes of the session was devoted to the winners of the new award for best programming by Wells Fargo. We are Texas proud that the Houston 1960 Chapter won for the Mega Chapters from across the entire nation! Representatives from three of the four winning chapters spoke for a few minutes concerning their efforts to add member value through programming.

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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