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Savvy Saturday Session – Mid Year Meeting – E-Myth

During the research for the “Chapter Programming that Works”, I found reference several times to the E-Myth. Several local chapters presented programs based on the principles found in the books by Michael Gerber, the world’s number one small business guru.

The E-Myth point of view is the perspective that your business should work for you, rather than you working for it. The “E” stands for entrepreneurial and the myth is that most owners are not entrepreneurs but someone who just works in a business where the owner has himself for a boss instead of somebody else.

Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited offers salient points with the most important being, “Work ON your business not IN it.” We are introduced to three working personalities: 1) the entrepreneur who always has ideas, 2) the manager who keeps everything organized, and 3) the technician who knows that “If it’s going to get done right, I’d better do it myself.”

He tells the story of Sarah, who went from making pies for fun to managing a store that delivered pies as a business. She soon became enslaved to her business, dreading the love she once had. But more so, unable to grow the business to achieve her goals.

Through the eyes of a business owner/client, Gerber unfolds the story that allows us to see the importance of each personality preference and the necessity for balance between them. We also see the different stages of business growth and come to appreciate the benefits of implementing systems at the beginning of developing a business.

The franchise system allows all personalities to excel, and when they excel the customer is better served and better satisfied. The system works. So managers and technicians can have a business that will be successful and they will be fulfilled working on. But it does not stop there. He also teaches that entrepreneurs must create their small businesses according to a “franchise prototype,” basically set-up systems and operations so the business can work most effectively.

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