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Savvy Saturday Session – Mid Year Meeting – “Real Estate, the Next Generation” with Matthew Ferrara

Bright and early Saturday morning, our first session was with Matthew Ferrara, President and CEO of Matthew Ferrara & Company. Matthew and Amy Chorew, National trainer for his company, are favorites with Women’s Council members. The company was responsible for building the WCR National website several years ago.

The session dealt with “Real Estate, the Next Generation”. The program is designed to help the realtor compete in a consumer-centric, tech-savvy and quality-centric world. What does the consumer want and how do they want it? We probably all realize that the future consumer isn’t anything like the past consumer. The session combines new sales techniques, modern relationship management and technology to create a different approach to real estate.

“Real Estate, the Next Generation” looks at:

§ Market research about buyers and sellers that challenges old perceptions about who they are, what they want and how they want it delivered (Hint: Your old approach isn’t going to last much longer!)

§ Presents the audience with facts – not cliches – about how the real estate consumer really works – and it’s not the way today’s REALTOR still does!

§ Elimination of excuses that let current brokers continue outdated practices

§ Exposure of “Death by Cliche” that pervades the industry and holds back true performance

§ How to Start an “industrial revolution” at your company, that maximizes teamwork, process improvement and high production environments

§ Implement and adopt existing technologies – most of which brokers already have – to improve training, marketing, online presence and profits

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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