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Savvy Saturday Session – Mid Year Meeting – “Real You Incorporated” with Kaira Rouda

A favorite speaker with Women’s Council, Kaira Sturdivant Rouda, returned with an important message to empower women in business. Her goal is to help women discover their personal brand. Her book, “Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs” won the USA Book News’ 2008 Best Book of the Year Award in the Business: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Category.

What does it mean to be real? It means your values—and your personality—are in sync with your business’s operations and its people. It means you surround yourself with people who think and act like you—true believers—inside and outside the workplace. It means you nurture your passion with a network of mentors, friends and activities. It also means you reach out and give back.

In her presentation, she discussed the Real You Chart that will help you develop your personal brand. First, you need to start with the one word that describes you. This became the favorite question to ask of your friends and family. There are 7 more levels to be discovered as you work toward your goal. To learn more click here.

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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