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Savvy Saturday Session – Mid Year Meeting – Women and Money with Deborah Spangler, 2009 President-elect

I was very proud to be one of three Texans teaching learning labs at midyear in DC… representing over 30%of the lab instructors.. All the classes were great and I was wishing I could have been in all of them. My class, Women and Money, What women need to know about their finances, was well attended and I had a great interactive audience. This is a timely subject and I wanted to share with you a few things I found out from my audience. Click here for Power Point Presentation
1. Only 4 of about 100 attendees knew their net worth.. do you?
2. Only 2 of the attendees had budgeted for the DC trip..
3. Only 1 knew what their current credit card interest rate was.
My desire is that we as women do not allow ourselves to be caught unaware or unprepared for the future. I hope you will look over the powerpoint (lots of interesting facts) and share what you learn with others. Many thanks to all the Texas WCR members that came out for support.

Provided by Deborah Spangler

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