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Savvy Saturday Session – “Success” with Becky Hill, 2009 WCR National President

The Dallas Metro East Chapter held a successful meeting the first day of July with a style show and visits from our two Texans – National President, Becky Hill and Texas State president, Sandra Hunt.

The highlight was the message that President Becky brought to us as food for thought. Would you like to be more successful as a realtor, in an organization, or on a personal level? What are the common traits that unite these diverse areas into one? She distills all the possibilities into “10 Characteristics of Highly Successful People”.

1) Be optimistic
2) Define purpose or destination
3) Work hard
4) Discipline – systems in place
5) Trust your intuition
6) Be a risk taker
7) Prolific reader
8. Strive for mastery
9) Expect the best – remain positive
10) Seek the help of others

How fortunate we are in Texas to the have the counsel, knowledge, and expertise of our WCR National President so readily available to us! President Becky has spoken to many of our local chapters this year and has plans for Collin County and Houston Chapters in the near future. Please join at the WCR/TAR Fall Meeting in Dallas, TX as she installs Deborah Spangler as the 2010 Texas State Chapter President.

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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