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Savvy Saturday Session – “The Magic of Twelve”

Thanks to Brenda Blakenship with Home Warranty of America for providing the “Magic of Twelve”. I know that we have heard the importance of keeping in touch many times but it never hurts to be reminded, especially in the difficult market that many are experiencing. I keep hearing and seeing signs of recovery and hopefully your area is rebounding.

By “touching” someone 12 times you ensure more success in your sales objective. Just once or twice allows you to be forgotten but “persistent persistence” is the key. Develop your own 12 touch program to encourage potential buyers to act and potential sellers to list their homes with you.

Here are some suggestions to help you “touch” your potential clients:

1. Utilize a Client follow-up program to share valuable homeowner tips.
2. Follow up every phone call with an e-mail.
3. When providing your business card, request contact information in return.
4. Send potential buyers news of great opportunities, programs and tips.
5. Send potential sellers news of sales successes with homes similar to their own.
6. Invite potential buyers to join your Facebook group and dialogue with them on a weekly basis – a simple wall post will keep you fresh in their mind.
7. Invite potential sellers to join your Facebook group and keep your listings updated with photos and visual tours. Let everyone know about your successes too!
8. Request a personal reference quote or letter from previous buyer/seller clients and provide to your potential clients.
9. Take time to send more personal, handwritten notes. Write some daily!
10. Provide your clients with useful information often by e-mailing to your database.
11-100. Use your personal skills and creativity to touch, touch, touch without pressure. Developing relationships will be the key to your success… and ultimately your success.

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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