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Savvy Saturday Session – Top 5 Secrets of Great Networkers

The next Savvy Saturday Sessions will feature reports from the Texas state officers and members concerning information and ideas learned from the forums, lab sessions and speakers at the Women’s Council Mid Year Conference in DC.

During the preparation for the lab session, “Chapter Programming that Works”, I found from one of the program speakers, a flyer that was available from her company’s website that I wanted to share.

The Top 5 Secrets of Great Networkers

Networking is about forming authentic, mutually beneficial, long term relationships.
Nobody is born knowing how to network. Here are some tips from master connectors:

1. It’s NOT Just You
_ EVERYONE feels the same way
_ Only rule is the Golden Rule
_ Get outside yourself through curiosity

2. Quality Beats Quantity
_ Whoever leaves with the most business cards loses
_ Focus on Connectors
_ Minimize clones; maximize diversity
_ The one with access to the most information wins

3. Everyone has Something of Value to Contribute – Including YOU
_ Networking is not about tit for tat
_ Being asked feels good
_ “Payback” can be months later
_ Saying ‘thank you’ is often enough

4. Use the Laws of Physics
_ Get in motion – use momentum
_ It doesn’t have to hurt! Make it fun & easy!
_ Follow-up or it doesn’t count

5. It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Project
_ Way of BEING in a relationship
_ Keep it going and the benefits multiply

Networking Gives YOU Power to Achieve Things Important to YOU! –

Check back each week for the next selection from our treasure trove of information !

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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