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Savvy Saturday Session – WCR Mid Year Meeting Awards

The Mid Year Meeting proved to be TEXAS TERRIFIC in every way! We attended interesting sessions, heard inspirational speakers, participated in committee meetings, and WON AWARDS!

First, let’s start with the awards based on 2008 Annual Report…..
1. 2008 Chapter of Excellence Awards – 15 chapters won Gold & 6 won Silver
2. Chapters of the Year –
Mega – Houston 1960
Large – Dallas Metro East

3. State Chapter of the Year
4. Wells Fargo Award for Best Programming that includes a $1,000 check
Mega Chapter – Houston 1960

Awards based on 2009 Membership Drive for Recruitment
1. Golden Triangle Chapter – Small Chapter
2. San Antonio Chapter – Mega Chapter

I think the state made Becky Hill, our own Texan, mighty proud!!! Pictures are available on the website under EVENTS; then select Event Pictures.

Over the next few weeks, we will feature information from the lab sessions and speakers. The goal is to have something interesting every week so that YOU will return to the blog repeatedly.

Provided by VaLois Hounsel

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