Savvy Saturday Session – “Your Golden Rolodex” – Week 3

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Networking can be seen by some as “using” people but Vickie Austin in “Your
Golden Rolodex: How to Network for Results!” contends that everyone prefers
to do business with those that they know. The content of the book is a step-by
-step process of how to network. Last week we started the Networking Toolbox
with your Mission Statement and the Golden Rolodex. Let’s add a few more tools…

3. Your message: the 30 Second Commercial or Your Elevator Speech
It is important not to get “stuck” on your history. The objective is to hear what
others have to say and how they might be able to help YOU. A formula that has
worked for many of her clients:

Past + Present + desired Future (MISSION)
+ Request
(Time, Ideas, Opinions & Recommendations)
= Success

Keep the past factual, short and sweet. The present should also be brief with
the two sentences joined by the word “and”. The 30 Second Commercial is an
integral part of the campaign that needs to be practiced and refined.

4. The Request …. Remember that the most powerful request is to ask for
someone’s time. You are asking people to help you identify strategies to help
you accomplish your mission…making money is not the objective of your
MISSION statement. Make an appointment and keep it as a formal business
meeting. The ideas, recommendations, and opinions of the individual are your
goals. We know that everyone likes to be asked their opinion. By seeking their
help, we are including in them the process.

5. Time – Campaigns don’t happen by themselves….they require time and
attention. You need to incorporate the activities into your calendar.

6. Commitment – Networking is a way of life, not a onetime event. The Golden
Rolodex must be fed with regularity!

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