Savvy Saturday Session – “Your Golden Rolodex” – Week 4

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How quickly the time passes when you are having fun or doing the things that you enjoy! It is time to finish Your Golden Rolodex: How to Network for Results! by Vicki Austin with a few last comments. Hopefully you have learned something new or been reminded ofsomething that has worked in the past.

As to social networking, the author loves technology and realizes the importance to staycurrent and to know what is available BUT technology needs to serve us….not the other way around. Building relationships are best done face-to-face with frequent connections.There is nothing casual about networking. You need to schedule time to make calls. Once an appointment is made, schedule in your calendar, confirm and keep your appointment.

Prepare for your appointment..

1. Know your audience – Use search engines to learn about the individual andcompany. Ask others in your GR about the person

2. Prepare questions – your job is to ensure that the networking conversationstays active.

3. Referrals are the very LAST thing to come up.If all goes according to schedule, you may have more people and contacts thanyou know what to do with. Use ONE calendar, a contact grid and follow upchecklist to help manage the volume. Document each call/visit and highlightaction steps needed. Once an action is completed, remember to document thefollow up, too.

Never let the Golden Rolodex grow cold. Networking should be an integralpart of your routine. Stay connected by …

1. Joining & participating in professional associations or societies (WCR)

2. Continue with ongoing training and development in your field

3. Volunteer for projects as work or in the professional associations

4. Stay involved in alumni associations

5. Block 1 day a month/every two weeks/every week to have lunch or coffee withpeople in your Golden Rolodex to keep contacts strong

6. Read articles and journals. Share copies or clips with your contacts.

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