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Savvy Saturday Session

Good morning… it is time for a SavvySaturdaySessions highlighting speakers, presentations, forums, discussions and books from the outstanding Women’s Council of REALTORS® meetings, conferences, summits and forums attended during the year.

The State Officers believe that it is important to share the wealth of knowledge gained through our attendance at events. The majority of our members are unable to attend which places the responsibility on the attendees to report back to the home front. The best sources to spread the good news are through our local chapter/state newsletters, websites and blogs.

To complement the TeckyTalkTuesdays on our State Blog with Cindie Stewart who gives us great tips on what is happening in the technology world, we are implementing the SavvySaturdaySessions with our first post concerning the WCR/TAR Winter meeting in February.

WCR Education Session with Ann Daly PhD, author

Clarity: How to Accomplish what Matters Most

According to Dr. Ann Daly, “we’ve all experienced how easy things are when we’re feeling clear. Work flows, and life is calmer. Clarity is a habit of mind that you can depend upon every day. She stressed a five-step process for developing clarity, strategies for deepening self-awareness, how to ask the right questions, and the most effective journaling systems. This practical guide includes quotes to inspire you and ideas to transform you.” Click here to view the Five Steps to Attain Clarity

Next week, we will feature one of the marvelous speakers we enjoyed at the Marketing to Women Summit in Chicago – Marilyn Moats Kennedy.

We welcome comments, concerns and ideas for future SavvySaturdaySessions….
Let your chapter members know what valuable items are available on www.wcrTexas.org !

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