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Savvy Saturday Sessions

The Marketing to Women Summit held in Chicago, March 20-22, this year was a wonderful experience. According to Becky Hill, our 2009 National President, “the goal was to help attendees to capture the business of the female consumer, and it delivered on that promise in spades. Approximately 200 members attended the Summit and received valuable information to take back and apply to their businesses”

One of my favorite speakers was Marilyn Moats Kennedy. Many of you may remember her from Leadership Academy that we attend as president-elects or at the Mid Year Conference in DC last year. She deals with diversity issues such as generational motivation and communication. The concerns of racial, gender, and ethnic diversity have been superseded by the bigger issue: age diversity.

At the Marketing to Women Summit, Marilyn presented a session on “Cross Generational Marketing to Women”. With her dry wit and low key delivery style, she educated and entertained us. She expounded on several topics: Lifestyle rules not gender, Financial attitudes are more important than income; Whose money is she spending? Smother her in facts and figures; and Don’t make assumptions. Ask Questions. To learn more, click here.

Included in the presentation, were a set of slides showing the views and preferences of women in the five groups: Pre-Boomer—1934-1945; Boomer—1946-1959; Cusper – 1960-1968; Buster – 1969-1978 and Netster -1979-1988. Topics included: The Medium is the Message, Selling across Generations; Satisfactions across Generations; and a Look at the New Generation 1989 plus. Click here to see if you agree with her assessment. I think you will find it most interesting!

Next week will be the fantastic Vickie Austin with her posse and Golden Rolodex…

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