The Sixth – and most popular – Day of the Texas State Installation Season

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On the SIXTH day (December 8th), SEVEN Chapters held their installations… let’s celebrate four today and three tomorrow….

L to R: Anita Farrell, Chris Rodriguez, Amy Kobza, Dena Hinds, and John Schutze

Austin – Congratulations to Anita Farrell – President; Chris Rodriguez – President-elect; Amy Kobza – Vice President of Membership; Dena Hinds – Secretary ; and John Schutze – treasurer.  Sharon Morton, 2012 State Treasurer installed Anita and her leadership team. In attendance were Carolyn Wyckoff, 1993 State President, Sharon Eddings, 2011 State President and Dawn Lavka, 2012 Governor.

L to R: Lois Malone, Maggie Polo, Heidi Crenshaw, Alma Coronado, Florence Butler and Ethel O'dell

Bay Area:  Congratulations to Maggie Polo – President; Bea Flores – President-elect; Florence Butler – Vice President of Membership; Johnna Little – Secretary; and Will Cossaboom – Treasurer.  Lois Malone, 2012 Texas State Governor installed Maggie and her Leadership Team.  In attendance Ethel O’Dell, 2012 president of Montgomery Chapter.

L to R: Ruth Darling, Mary Nelson, Bobbi Bracco, Tanya Endicott and Stacey Buettner

Collin County – Congratulations to Bobbi Bracco – President; Tanya Endicott – President-elect; Stacey Buettner – Vice President of Membership; Mary Nelson – Secretary and Ruth Darling – Treasurer.  In attendance were State Officers:  VaLois Hounsel – President; Sylvia Seabolt – President-elect and Holly Kincaid – Governor

L to R – Rebecca Lightfoot, Nancy Garcia, Tina Townsend and Beth Fitzgerald

Dallas Chapter:  Congratulations to Nancy Garcia – President; Rebecca Lightfoot – President-elect; Beth Fitzgerald; Tina Townsend – Secretary and Brandon Griess.  VaLois Hounsel, 2012 Texas State President installed Nancy and her Leadership Team.  In attendance were State Officers:  Sylvia Seabolt – President-elect, and Holly Kincaid – Governor.


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