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Hello and welcome my Techy Talk Tuesdays Blog. This blog is for the “not-so-techie” real estate agents in the world. I myself lack a few technicial details for technology and so one morning I thought “why don’t I do something that not only I wil be learning something new with technology, but I can show everyone what I am learning and who knows they might need to know this information too”

Now that was a lot of thinking that morning so excuse the ramblings of a real estate agent here. This is only the beginning and I know there will be bugs to clear before this blog really gets going.

What the blog will be:

A video stream of me learning step-by-step different “real estate focused technology” items.

For example: How to make a blog.

So every Tuesday a new video will show up and poof there I will be learning something new that week and so can you!

Be sure to make comments and even suggestions on what you might want to learn and I can put that in our “Next Tuesdays” Blog…. and you can even subscribe to this blog to make sure you are ahead of the game.

Thank you.



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