Area A Verbal Governor Report for September 8, 2012

President-Elect Sylvia, Past Presidents, State Officers, members and guests

The chapters of Austin, Brownsville, El Paso del Norte, Highland Lakes, Hill Country, McAllen and San Antonio have kept me on my toes and on the road during 2012.

Austin – Under the leadership of President Anita, the 55 year old Austin Chapter been able to provide excellent community support, continuing education offerings for members, and engaging business resource meeting.  October 2, 2012 they will be hosting their second annual Bras 4 A Cause. Thank you President Anita

Brownsville – President Velma has continued to work with her 3 area boards to expand the horizons of the chapter and embrace all of the areas. They have had great fundraisers and joint meetings this year. October’s fundraiser will be a Tequila and Beer Tasting. Thank you President Velma.

El Paso del Norte – President Martha keeps her team on the move…They offer unique events and host 2 or three events each month. October will feature Bras 4 a Cause and November a Christmas Shopping event in conjunction with the Builder’s Association. Thanks you President Martha.

Highland Lakes – My home Chapter – Congratulations on winning the National 2011 Small Chapter of the Year

Award in Washington DC. During this 10th year, President Jane Marie continues to offer local REALTORS the only property tour in the area. The next fundraiser planned in a trip up north of the border to Windstar casino in October. Thank  you President Jane Marie.

Hill Country Chapter – President Marty’s leadership has kept Hill Country busier than ever. When they are not offering great educational courses, they are busy with community events and fundraisers. They just made a huge showing at the Joint PMN class here in San Antonio. They will be hosting their Bras 4 a Cause fundraiser on October 4. Thank you President Marty.

McAllen – President Paty has led the 35th year of the McAllen Chapter flawlessly. There is always something going on down south as they stay busy hosting joint meetings and community events. Fun is always on the
calendar in McAllen. In November they will be hosting a joint meeting with the Greater McAllen Association of REALTORS. Thank you President Paty.

San Antonio – Congratulations on being named the National 2011 Mega Chapter of the Year!!! I know President Cindy work diligently with Precious Past President Diane Lauer on earning the award for last year.  President Cindy took the reins this year and has worked with her team to make us all feel welcome here in San Antonio with the Joint meeting held on Sept 5 and the joint PMN on the 6th. San Antonio continues to exude excellence in all they do. Thank you President  Cindy.

This concludes my report.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Dawn Lavka, Area A Governor