Carolyn Sutherlin – 2004 Texas State President


I. 2004

2004 Line Officers – there were only 4 line officers, including the Immediate Past President; Secretary/Treasurer was one office and there had been an on-going controversy involving whether to break that office into two separate line  offices or remain the way it had been for at least 9 years. In September, the motion passed to have two separate officers – a Secretary and a Treasurer. Line officers for 2004 were Charlene Lambert, PE; Carol Reynolds, Sec/Treas and Florence Terrell, (2003 State President) Immediate Past President.

2004 Officers – 3 Governors: Area A -Mary Mealy (Austin Chapter); Area B – Linda Sheinall (Bay Area Chapter); Area C – Pat Vaughn (Lake Houston Chapter) 7 TDVP(s): I – Winnie Shain (Northeast Tarrant County Chapter); II-Jean Muller (Tyler Chapter); III – Maxine Vonhof (Ft Worth Chapter); IV – Ruth Ann Burkman (El Paso Chapter); V – Dorothy Olney (Lake Houston Chapter); VI – Jamie Quinn (Montgomery County Chapter); VII – Diane Green (Midland  Chapter).

1999 Governor
– The chapters I served were in District I & II (as I recall we didn’t have “Areas” then) – and there were 8, which included Abilene, Midland, Odessa, El Paso, Northeast Tarrant County, Ft. Worth, Dallas and Southwest  Dallas.

1998 TDVP – My District was either V or VII, which was in the Houston area and the chapters were Greater West Houston, Ft Bend, Bay Area and Golden Triangle.

Membership – my guess is around 1750. (30 Chapters)

Home chapter – Abilene – 1996 LCP, 2000 PE, 2001 LCP, 2010 PE, 2011 LCP

Personal information
– When my husband, Lorne, and I married in 1976, we formed a blended family of his son and daughter and my two daughters, who were between the ages of 12 to 7 at the time.  Cristy, the oldest, lives in Abilene,  and is a Realtor with our company;  Wendy lives in Cypress (Houston area) and currently works part time planning events for a DJ company, and Claire lives in San Jose, CA and is a computer graphic designer.  Sadly, we lost our son in June 2011.  We have 7 grandsons (currently ages 25 to almost 13) and I always tell others that there is a lot of testosterone in our household when they all get together.  I am not a native Texan (born and raised for the most part in Indiana), and I graduated from high school in California after living there for two years due to my dad changing jobs.  Lorne and I moved to Abilene in 1976, courtesy of Lorne’s service in the Air Force,  from San Jose, CA.

Employment – Managed a furniture store (called Once-A-Tree) in the Mall of Abilene prior to real estate; Licensed in 1986; with Century 21 Abilene Big Country for 11 years; joined RE/MAX of Abilene in 1997, moved license to Lorne’s company, Homefinders, Plus in August 2011.

2004 Leadership Orientation

Date – Sept 24-26, 2003
City – New Braunfels
Venue – T-Bar-M Ranch
How many days – Friday night to Sunday noon
National president attending – Brenda Ghibaudi

What was the biggest problem? There are a lot of components involved in planning an event of this magnitude. Just the co-ordination of who is going to do what and where is a big task. But really the biggest problem related to the fact that Realtors are last minute people and do not get registrations submitted in a timely manner. The night before the Fall meeting, I had driven 4 and ½ hours to San Antonio, arriving about 10:00 p.m. Just after I got there, the President-Elect and Immediate Past President called me regarding their concern that our Orientation registration was low and we conferred on ways to make sure that more registrations were submitted and that our costs did not exceed our expenses.

What was the highlight? I think the highlight was the Friday night dinner and welcome ceremony. I am generally not a very creative person, so I surprised even myself, when I came up with the idea of making “Miss America” type  banners for all the officers, TDVPs, Governors, National President, and our 2003 Members of the Year. The dinner was held outside, we had a DJ and dancing and I think everyone genuinely had a great time.

Best memory of 2004 – Visiting and speaking at many Chapter meetings; It’s interesting to me to experience the different traditions and meeting ideas that you see at the Local Chapter meetings.

Funniest memory of 2004: 
Second “Funest” was the Installation, held in September of 2003 in San Antonio. National had just rolled out the motto “WCR: Where It All Comes Together.”  The theme for the Installation was T’Hat’s  Where It All Comes Together.  The table decorations were hats and I asked incoming Officers to wear a Hat; everyone attending received a hat charm.  We gave the hats away as door prizes and a lot of them were won by men – who promptly started “hamming” it up by wearing the hats themselves. 

Two most challenging issues of 2004 – That was the year that P-53 (regarding participation by title companies) hit the fan; membership and retaining viable chapters, which I believe is a constant, on-going situation with a “volunteer” organization; working with all those other Type A leaders; worrying about too much year left at the end of the money —did you say just two????

II. 2012

A. What do you see as the future for Women’s Council?

Now, there’s (underlined) a loaded question! I believe that our organization
will need to provide more value in order to retain members. Obviously, for the
state chapter, that means more comprehensive training for chapter leaders and
continuing to encourage, motivate and educate chapter leaders and members.

B. What are the most important issues facing us today?

Membership, membership, membership (plus continuing to “show me the value”)

C. What “words of wisdom” would you give to our new members?

Get involved right away because that is the best way to receive value for your membership. I know it’s human nature to wait to be asked and I also know that for existing members “The Task is to Ask,”……but in reality current members and officers are not always good at doing that, so just jump in there!!