Would you like to have a WCR Raving Fan Club?

The Austin Chapter has utilized their Affiliate Members in a wonderful way! Their Local Affiliate members visit Broker offices as part of their marketing and promotion for their business. While they are speaking about the benefits of using their companies, they also take a moment to talk about the networking opportunities and education that WCR offers REALTORS®. When they take a REALTOR® to lunch or a one-on-one meeting, they talk about the benefits of WCR. This tactic has given Austin Chapter wonderful results with 10+ new members!

How many of your home warranty representatives, loan officers, and title companies visit Broker offices on a weekly basis? Wouldn’t it be great have an army of WCR Promoters talking up your chapter every week? Take them to coffee, show them how to pitch the benefits of WCR, and give them a LARGE supply of your Local Chapter Value Package (brochure)! Be sure to thank them repeatedly and give recognition often. As always, Membership is a team effort.  The larger your team, the better the results!

Angela Ochoa
District Vice President
Area A – District 1