Increase your Membership Mixer Attendance!

Angela Ochoa – District Vice President Area A

Take a page from WCR San Antonio and increase your Non-Member attendance at your next mixer. Here is how they are doing it:

  1. Host and plan a Membership Mixer at a venue everyone is familiar with.
  2. Admission for all persons attending is $10.00.
  3. Notify all WCR Members that if they bring a Non-Member their admission is free.
  4. If you get 10-15 Non-Members, hold a drawing for a free WCR membership.
  5. When everyone is there, mix and mingle to spread the word of how WCR has helped your business, referrals, leadership training, travel opportunities, etc.
  6. Write Thank You Notes to all WCR Members for bringing a Non-Member to your event.
  7. Follow up with all Non-members who did not join about attending your next Business Resource Luncheon.

 Good luck and remember, this is supposed to be fun!

 Angela Ochoa

2014 District Vice President Area A