Area C – District 7 is “On Fire”!


Jacey-Kay Jones is the Vice President of Membership for this Chapter. The Golden Triangle is in the pursuit of excellent programs, educational events and fun networking mixers.  They have the continued task of displaying the VALUE of WCR in their market to REALTORS® in the area. They have two BIG events coming up and will focus on increasing Membership. The first event is April 23 at the Yacht Club in Beaumont and is called Murder Mystery. This event is their signature event and is their biggest fund raiser of the year. Those in attendance dress-up Vegas Style, play poker, and give-away prizes. They are also planning their Beach Blanket Bingo event. We are planning to have me (Bobby Bryant)go to their Chapter and help them with Membership by speaking about a topic that involves “How To Get More Business.” Jacey-Kay and I talked about adding value to members via Trainings. Their objective is to grow this Chapter and IT’S HAPPENING!


Don Davison is the Membership Marketing Chair for this Chapter. Wow!! Great things are popping at Lake Houston. Don has set up a Membership Committee and already is training the person that will replace him next year to keep the Chapter moving forward. They have setup a budget and are prepared for an active growth year. They have their first Membership Orientation planned for April 16th. Their orientations are sponsored by a Vendor and hosted at their location. Don stated that their Chapter is really growing. They have a goal of becoming a MEGA Chapter this year. When asked how they are successfully growing their Chapter, Don said “Lots of Communication!” Lake Houston is doing tons of e-blasts via Constant Contact and mailers to everyone that attendS their Business Luncheons via Send Out Cards. This Chapter is on the move!!


This Chapter doesn’t currently have a designated Membership Chair. However, Chapter President Don Jones is working hard with his team to build their Chapter membership!  In January, they kicked off their year with “Setting Goals For 2014” as their January Business Resource Meeting and had Astronaut Jeff Williams. The Bay Area Chapter also held a fundraiser at Endeavor Marina in which they sold tickets to win a free iPad and over $1000 in door prizes!  National speaker and business coach, Jase Souder, challenged attendees to build a better business and life!  This Chapter is focused on increasing Membership and rebuilding Trust in the Women’s Council brand.


Congratulations to Jenny Wang on her recent appointment as Vice President of Membership for the Houston Chapter.  And, a big thank you to Jennifer Tiffany, Marketing/Membership Chair, for all of her work the first part of the year.  This group is on fire!! Talk about turning around a Chapter – the Houston Chapter is showing that it can be done. Their Business Resource Luncheons are engaging, packed, and with standing room only!! This Chapter is growing and will soon need to find a larger venue for their Business Meetings.  They have an active year planned that should spike an interest in potential members, increase membership, and generate some revenue for the Chapter. Starting with April, this Chapter is having a Fashion Show at TOOTSIES! This should be a really nice event!! The Fashion Show is the Houston Chapter’s signature annual event. The Houston Chapter is also preparing for their Annual Real Tours of Luxury! This is a fun event that’s full of networking, learning, and is a great membership drive opportunity for this Chapter. The Houston Chapter is increasing their Membership by doing a ton of e-blasts and following up with their visitors that attend the Business Luncheons.

Bobby Bryant
District Vice President
Area C – District 7