In the early 1990’s, the Women’s Council of REALTORS® State Chapter found themselves with some challenges.  The most important was to find a plan that would be simple, helpful and affordable to restore faith in the State Chapter and provide training for the Local Chapters.

The Governor’s job had always been to help the Local Chapter Officers and bring in new Chapters.  At this point, with ( + or – 40 chapters) there needed to be a vehicle that would open up communications and help set committees in proper working order.  Remember at that time the thought of computers was not a usable tool so everything had to be done by fax, telephones and personal visits.  Even though the fax and telephone (cost $1.00 Per 3 minutes) opened doors for communications, it did not open the doors for training sessions and so the real vehicle was put in place and that was the Texas District Vice Presidents.

The Texas District Vice Presidents were originally chosen from the previous year Local Chapter Presidents.  The idea was the previous Local Chapter Presidents had built up enthusiasm in their year as President and were more than willing to share with the Chapters about Programs, Education and Membership. This meant they would be working with Committees, Task Forces and Special Projects with the Chapter’s Membership.

After surveys and research were completed, it was decided there would be 8 Texas District Vice Presidents and a chairman.  Under the direction of Avis Wukasch, our first District Vice President Chairman, a training program and business plan were put in place to help open Communication and Training Membership for Leadership Pathways.

This process for District Vice Presidents changed with the needs of the Chapters through the years and they became working member assistance for the State Chapters.  Today, this trained group who gives of their time to help not only in Local Chapters but also in State projects are a very Big Part of the State Officer Team as well as the Chapter Assistance Training Team….

It continues to be my honor to serve the State & Local Chapters,

Carolyn Wyckoff
1993 WCR Texas State President