Women’s Council and TREPAC
Influence through Investing, Involving and Informing

Deborah Spangler

The Texas real estate political action committee or TREPAC has long recognized that   If there is any organization  that would understand the importance of having a positive influence on the Real estate Industry and the Communities we serve,  it is the Women’s Council of REALTORS.  You are committed to having a positive influence on your industry and your community and that is exactly what TREPAC is all about.  Your involvement in TREPAC can help you do that in three ways, investing, involving and informing.

We have so many investors in Women’s Council across the state, and you have helped  our state surpass their goal this year, making TREPAC the largest trade association PAC in Texas.  This gives us a voice to stand before policymakers and know that they will  listen to our concerns about legislation that could potentially harm our industry and the rights of private property owners in our state.  WE are going to need a louder voice with the policies that are coming before us next year. Many WCR members attended the hill visits in Washington DC to share their concerns with our state representatives and TREPAC opened the door to do that.   Changes in FHA , the loss of the mortgage interest deduction, loss of property tax deductions and the loss of 1031 exchanges were brought to the attention of our legislatures with a big NO NO NO.

These are just a few of the issues we will be addressing.  We will seek to support policymakers who understand and support our views. We continue to need your  investment.   If you are not a 45.00 entry level  investor, please consider carrying your share of the load. If you had a good year in real estate, if you didn’t pay a tax on your commission, a tax on your vehicle or have to explain a transfer tax to your buyer or seller at the closing table, consider raising your investment so that you can continue to do so through the efforts of TREPAC.

The second step to influence is Involvement .. we need your involvement.  Only 15% of  TEXAS REALTORS vote!!  That is pretty mind boggling.  I am sure that number is higher among Women’s Council members.  But can you imagine if all 60k plus Texas REALTORS were to vote on these issues?  The type of influence we would have among policymakers would be unstoppable.  So I encourage you to reach out to your sphere of influence and educate them on the need to be involved and to vote .

Finally, information is influence. TREPAC now has a way for you to provide information about the PAC and involve the consumer.  And you are the conduit for that.  Voice for Texas is the consumer side of TREPAC and you can go on Facebook or their website and they will have information for you to share with your database, making you the ultimate resource and expert in all things real estate. Right now they are having a contest you can share with your clients to make a video about why they love their Texas home.  It is their way of introducing them to their website, Voice for Texas.org.   Share this and have another reason to touch your clients and show them that you are watching out for their interests beyond the closing table.

So, investment , involvement and information. These are the keys to truly having a  positive influence on the industry and on your  community.  There is no  other organization that can do this better than the Women’s Council of REALTORS!