WCR National Effective Chapter Operations Forum
Overview By
Sharon Morton
2012 Texas State Treasurer

What a fun and educational session we had during National’s Effective Operations Forum on Friday, May 19 th in DC! Built to help unleash attendees’ full potential and let their creativity sparkle and shine, this was a fun and adventurous GEMS learning module. The Effective Chapter Operations Forum was designed to provide an opportunity to Grow, Excel, Motivate and Share unique and successful Business Resource Meeting strategies and topics. Attendees had the opportunity to work closely with successful leaders dedicated to assisting Chapters in providing education, business tools and support to meet the distinct needs of individual Chapter members.

As attendees entered the session, they were given “colored beads” to wear which identified which round table/Facilitator they were assigned to – the goal was to sit with other Chapters in order to share and learn! The session began with a “Treasure Hunt” icebreaker as each attendee was asked to identify a “Precious Gem” – something that was in their purse or briefcase or that they were wearing which was SPECIAL to them! They then went around their assigned table and, in approximately 30-seconds, each gave his/her name and why the item selected was a “Precious Gem”. Items selected ranged from a WCR Name Badge, to a writing pen, to photos and more! This exercise began the excitement that followed by showing how one could find “precious gems” right in front of you.

Next, we identified the “Hot Topic Program Scanning Tool”: what it is, where to find it and how it could be used! Basically, the “scanning tool” was designed so a Chapter’s leadership team or program committee could participate in a scanning activity to identify multiple publications, opportunities, people and so on, which might generate hot real estate issues and trends. We discussed how once you have identified the “resources” a system needs to be setup – i.e., if someone in the committee sees a potential topic, with educational value for members and prospects, there must be a system in place so the idea can be transformed into an educational opportunity. The attendees participated in a Table Activity and were encouraged to share the systems each of their Chapters had in place to scan for High Value program topics. To find this Scanning Tool: log-in to wcr.org, click o Member Center, Click on Chapter Tools, click on Tools for Planning Programs, then click on Scanning Tool.

We then moved from “scanning/identifying resources for topics” to the actual Develop and Design of “Unique” Programs which would inspire, motivate and energize members as well as attract non-members to Business Resource Meetings. Hand-outs included: Program Planning Worksheet, Meeting Room Setup & Styles and Programming Type & Setup Options (log in to wcr.org, click on Member Center, click on Chapter Tools, click on Tools for Planning Programs, then scroll down to Program Format Worksheet and you will find these tools highlighted) .

Sara Lipnitz, LCP for WCR Birmingham/Bloomfield Michigan Chapter share her Chapter’s “Mock Ethics Trial” done during one of their Business Resource Meetings – an exciting “twist” on just having an attorney speak to the subject!  During the Table Activity, the Facilitators identified other “unique” programs which included two from our Texas Chapters, Greater West Houston and Hill Country. Greater West Houston’s LCP, Kimberly Williams, shared “Speed dating with Top Producers/Top Brokers” and Hill Country’s PE, Melissa Elizondo, shared “3-Courses of Networking”. Other ideas included holding a program at a Senior Living Center, “Deal or No Deal” and at least 20 other superb ideas. Watch for the ideas to be posted to wcr.org!

The last portion of our session dealt with the Importance of our WCR “brand” and keeping our brand consistent and relevant! The new Constant Contact Templates were shared with the group (Email Template for Upcoming Meetings and Email Generic Template). To find these templates: log-in to wcr.org, click on Member Center, click on Chapter Tools, then click on Chapter Email Templates.

One of the most unique marketing techniques was shared by the Salt Lake City Chapter. They developed a video that is sent with an email to each agent in their area that closes a transaction, telling who WCR is as well as including a Membership Application. This video template will be made available soon on wcr.org for Chapters to utilize by adding their own information and photos! The link for this video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=D48qSO3dD6E&sns=em

It was an honor and privilege to be on this Forum’s steering committee. Many thanks to thank Patti St. Louis-Texas State
Secretary and Dawn Lavka-Texas State Governor for acting as Table Facilitators during this session. The Effective Operations
Forum received an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5! It was a great success and delivered value to our members!