REALTOR® Party Convention

This past May, REALTORS® from across the nation traveled to beautiful Washington, DC for our Women’s Council /National Association of REALTORS® meeting, the newly named REALTOR® Party Convention.

It has been an honor the last two years to serve on Women’s Council National Steering Committee as a 2013 Committee Member and 2014 Vice Chair for Leadership Development Influence.

Our sessions were named “Game Changers”  These sessions were fast paced, combined with intentional networking exercises that allowed us to think outside the box and highlight new aspects of our industry. Speakers rotated amongst four rooms, while attendees remained in place. All attendees received the same education regardless of room selection.

Session 1: “What Investors Want: Property Management Services” Melissa Zimbelman.  Property management could be steady income and a great source of repeat business. This could mean real income in the coming years.

Session 2: “Marketing Yourself as a Leader in Your Business” Tami Bonnell.  New ways to promote yourself by using your leadership touch to connect with your clients and community to create a lasting leadership impression.

Session 3: “Video Marketing: The Who, What, Where and How” A wealth of apps that effectively market listings and brand, as well as maximizing YouTube for your business.

Session 4: “The Receptor Effect: Keeping Up with Digital Consumers” Jason Pantana. Trends and changes and how the real estate community should innovate and adapt, to ensure relevance with the ever-evolving consumer.

After each session, attendees were divided by tables to network and establish accountability partners. Having an Accountability Partner is a great way to deal with the challenges of staying on track with goals, action plans, personal effectiveness and productivity. With an accountability partner, you can call and sing help…I need.. somebody!! Help!!!

There was value in spending time in Washington DC with the educational and networking opportunities. It’s always a joy to travel to DC each year to learn and develop relationships from REALTORS® across the nation.

Submitted by Ethel O’Dell

2014 State Secretary