2015 Leadership Orientation

Many years ago I adopted this Credo:  “Always strive to be a better you”.  Attending our Texas Chapter 2015 Leadership Orientation in beautiful Lost Pines, Texas, I felt that our Texas Chapter has lived up to that credo as well, by striving for better leadership training each year. That does not equate, that the past years were not great, just that each year gets better and better. The training that was put together by our great Women’s Council Executives, Advisors and Mentors was Superb. I walked away with more Professional Credibility, Relationships, Leadership Skills, Uniting in Diversity, Involved, Success and Influence.

Leadership Orientation training is uniquely designed to help elected Officers, Committee Chairs and Members get ready for their new challenges and responsibilities. Each year, I put forth every effort to attend and I encourage all leaders to attend, and benefit personally, professionally and for our great Texas Chapter to be a success for the upcoming year.

Along with our extensive training, teaching and participating, I have many Aha… moments. The one that really radiates is the session on “Discovering our Personality Style Through True Colors”. Personally, I love the different colors in the world; it reminds me of a beautiful rainbow. Each of us is a unique blend of colors and true colors are an attempt to identify various personality styles and label them with colors. This belief is that with increased understanding of ourselves and others that conflict will decrease and you will have a better understanding of why we behave the way we do and hopefully, work together in harmony and achieving much.

Looking forward to exercising what I walked away from at our 2015 Leadership Orientation in beautiful Lost Pines, Texas. We have a great Team and great members!

All my best,

Ethel O’Dell