The Area C Chapters had a great first quarter!

The Area C Chapters, Fort Bend, Greater West Houston, Great Northwest, Montgomery County, Bay Area, Golden Triangle, Houston, and Lake Houston had a great first quarter!

Fort Bend and LCP Theresa Fehr are busy planning their annual vendor fair in which they will set up tables to sell to vendors for $250.  The event is scheduled for April 10th and they project that it will be a smashing success! Their leadership team is focused are giving their members great programs and fun events throughout the year.   Way to go Fort Bend!

Greater West Houston Chapter and LCP John Buchannan had their first fundraiser of the year called Roaring Ruffle where they had artists paint 50 bird houses then auction them off. The Greater West Houston Chapter raised approximately $4000 and had no expense to the chapter. They had about 200 people in attendance!

Great Northwest Chapter and LCP Sheryl Hunter has had a string of “standing room only” Business Resource Meetings!   They have planned their annual golf tournament and fundraiser to be at Augusta Pines on April 7th. They are also hosting a “Casino Night” in late September. They have set an ambitious goal of raising 80k between both fundraisers this year!  Great things are happening for Sheryl and her team!

Montgomery County Chapter and LCP Michelle Mihalko had speaker Chuck Douglas with the Brian Tracey Group speak about “How to Double Your Income” at one of their Business Resource Meetings. They also held a “DISC” program for their March Business Resource meeting to learn more about their personality styles.  Michelle and her team are busy scheduling their former annual golf tournament for the first time in 4 years. Kuddos to the Montgomery County Chapter!

Houston Chapter and LCP Peggie Pentacost have planned a “All You Can Eat” MCE course in which they will partner with the Greater West Houston Chapter and giveaway 15 free MCE hours to members. Peggie and her team are busy planning and putting final touches on their annual “Real Tours of Luxury” as well as their April Fashion Show.  Peggie and her team have made great strides in rebuilding the foundation of the Houston Chapter and it shows in their “standing room only” Business Resource Meetings!  Fabulous team work Houston Chapter!

Lake Houston Chapter and LCP Kathleen Sandy hosted their annual Boots, Bling, and Boogie fundraiser on February 28th. Their goal was to raise more than $7,000. They are also having a mini-trade expo and plan to grow their membership by 30 people. Great job Kat and the Lake Houston Chapter!

Bay Area chapter and LCP Don Jones are working hard to build their chapter!  They began with “Setting Goals For 2014” as their January Business Resource Meeting and had Astronaut Jeff Williams as the guest speaker talking about “Trust” for the February Business Resource Meeting.  The Bay Area Chapter also held a fundraiser at Endeavor Marina in which they sold tickets to win a free iPad and over $1000 in door prizes!  National speaker and business coach, Jase Souder, challenged attendees to build a better business and life!  Great job Don and the Bay Area Team!

Golden Triangle chapter and LCP Donna Bennefield are having a growth year and working hard to build their chapter as well. They are planning a Spring fashion show to be held at the Art Museum of South Texas May 15th!  Donna and her team expect a great turn out at the Spring fashion show and have plans to grow their membership in 2014!  Donna and her team are doing a great job rebuilding their chapter!

Kerissa Payne
Area C Governor