“V” is both for VALUE and VICTORY!

I’m going to cut to the chase.  We’re all business people.  Dedicated professionals.  Mindful of how we spend our time, our money and energy.  For us to invest any of these three resources in Women’s Council, each of us looks for a return on our investment.

“What do I get in return?”

I took the concept apart and arrived at the opportunities for Women’s Council to give a member a return on investment.  The opportunities are available within each Local Chapter to:

  1. Build my business
  2. Develop my leadership skills
  3. Form relationships within the profession
  4. Achieve life balance as a professional

The Victory comes in knowing that Women’s Council, as an organization, is giving real estate professionals growth opportunities they cannot get from any other single source.

Here are some of the ways that Area B Chapters are providing value to their members:  Dallas Chapter helped members build their business by presenting 10 apps every REALTOR® needs at their February meeting.  Dallas Metro East focused on member well-being by bringing in a Nurse Practitioner to address Heart health.   Collin County has taken the approach to survey their members to give them the opportunity to share their specific needs.  Southwest Dallas focused on life balance by featuring a program on setting goals without boundaries and limitations and the results you can achieve.  In the southern part of Area B, Central Texas, Brazos Valley and Heart of Texas Chapters are hard at work putting together programs and education to keep their members informed and on top of their game.  Greater Tarrant County has helped its members put their best foot forward with dress for success tips, while the Tyler Chapter is focusing attention on bringing the best programs possible.  All Chapter Officer Teams across Area B have been honing their leadership skills.

Continue to focus on the opportunities before you to grow as real estate professional and to share your wants and needs with the Chapters so we can all grow together.

Marty Chrisman
Governor – Area B