What WCR Means to Me

What does WCR mean to me?

As I reflect on my years moving up the line of the local chapter and the past two years as a Texas Governor, I pause to reflect on what the serving Women’s Council of REALTORS has meant to me.

I wish I could say I made many more sales and my income shot up like a rocket, but that is not the case.  What I can say is despite that, I benefited from my service to the organization.

First , I learned that my knowledge and skill as a leader and understanding of how a board functions is needed elsewhere in the real estate profession and in community organizations.  As a result of serving WCR, I found the courage to step up to serve on the local board of REALTORS and in other organizations.  What I have found is that what I learned in WCR meetings applies in every other board meeting.  Often I am looked to as the one who knows about running meetings and getting things done in a meeting – helping focus attention and clarifying issues.  I understand what a budget is for and the boards responsibility in handling the funds entrusted to it.

Secondly,  I like so many others, have made many new friends – good friends.  Friends whose relationship go beyond the  smiling greeting exchanged at meetings.  Deep caring friendships.  My life is different because I served alongside Carolyn, Sydney, and Velma to name a few.  Thank you for your friendship, encouragement and confidence in me.

Serving Women’s Council is a labor of love.  Love of your profession.  Love of your colleagues in the business.  Love of those with whom you serve.

I will miss being at Women’s Council state & national events and will continue serving our profession through the local association.

Thank you Women’s Council.  It has been a pleasure to serve.

Marty Chrisman
Governor – Area B