Area C-7 2nd Quarter 2015 Report

Fort Bend:  Wendy Wotten

They attended Washington D. C. and had a great time and learned lots of valuable information.  They were recognized for winning Third Place in National Membership Contest for Recruiting!  They celebrated their success while in Washington.  Also, JoAnn Stevens, current National Financial Secretary is running for the 2016 National Recording Secretary. They had a social event called “Cinco De Mayo Plus Uno” held on May 6th.  It was a Margarita Trolley Tour of Mexican Restaurants sampling Margaritas while riding Sugar Land’s old-fashioned trolleys.  It was a big success.  A 2-hour Free MCE class was held in June on “Exploring the New Settlement Statement”. They have had some great speakers at their luncheons and their attendance is up at the meetings.  They are currently at 75 Realtors, 14 National Affiliates for a total of 89 National Members.

Great Northwest: Tammy and Bret Nordquist

They are continuing to bring solid attendance and getting good feedback with their Business Resource Meetings.  They are doing a pilot of offering offsite afternoon meetings in order to give members different times to attend since some are not able to meet at the lunch hour. This has been received very successfully.  They had their 2015 Annual Golf Classic. Nearly 100 golfers participated; there were great door prizes and happy attendees.  They hosted a table with a couple of the Chapters at Champions School of Real Estate Career Fair.  Drawings for a gift basket or a $250 gift certificate at Gallery Furniture were the giveaways.  The attendees seemed very interested in WCR and had a great response.  They have launched their social media plan and have had an increase of engagement to help drive visitors and hopefully new members.  They have also teamed up with the Northwest Chamber of Commerce and their membership are automatically now members of the Chamber.  They will be hosting a combined Mixer, Member Orientation and Ribbon Cutting with the NW Chamber in July.  They currently have 52 Realtors, 7 National Affiliates for a total of 59 National Members.

Golden Triangle: James Johnson

They had their first Fundraiser of the year in May called, “Champagne and Diamonds” with the ticket purchase you were eligible to win a ½ carat diamond.  They are continuing to have the Business Resource Meetings and staying with a steady attendance.  They are currently at 23 Realtors, 6 National Affiliates for a total of 29 National Members.

Lake Houston: Jaime Smith

They are continuing to have good speakers at their Business Resource Meetings.  Attendance has been steady with additional four new Realtor members joining this quarter.  They are working on the members that have not renewed.  A mixer is held each Quarter to encourage new members.  The next one will be in July.  Currently their membership is 41 Realtors with 0 National Affiliates for a total of 41 National Members.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Mihalko
2015 TDVP – Area C-7