Texas District Conferences

Our great State of Texas has 26 Chapters and is divided into three Districts:

Area A District consists of eight Chapters; Abilene, Austin, Cameron County, El Paso Del Norte, Highland Lakes, Hill Country, McAllen and San Antonio.
Area B District consists of nine Chapters; Brazos Valley, Central Texas, Collin County, Dallas, Dallas Metro East, Greater Tarrant County, Heart of Texas, Southwest Dallas and Tyler.
Area C District consists of eight Chapters; Bay Area Houston, Fort Bend, Golden Triangle, Great Northwest, Greater West Houston, Houston, Lake Houston, and Montgomery County.

This year it was decided and voted upon by our membership to go back to District Conferences instead of the Mega Conference we had for the last couple years.  By having District conferences, this allows our local Area Chapters to work closer together and foster relationships. Our local Chapters are in charge of planning and organizing a conference for their local members. By tailoring each conference to meet the needs of local membership this allows a greater opportunity to provide membership value and networking opportunities across the District. The meeting also allows our membership and local leaders an opportunity to showcase their Chapter’s strengths and leadership.  Our local members get an opportunity to better understand the WCR structure from a State and National level and gain a larger base of networking opportunities.

Nancy Garcia
2015 WCR Texas Chapter Secretary