What AMAZING Gifts!

What an AMAZING experience it was this year for me as a Governor of the Texas State WCR Chapter.

I had always heard from other WCR leaders that the Governor position was one of the BEST experiences that they had on a State level.   I accepted that with some truth but with a bigger dose of “encouragement” to fulfill the role.   Little did I know that they were 100%correct!    This year has been an incredible experience!   I have learned so much from each one of you!

 As a Governor, one of the assignments is to travel to your assigned Chapters, meet the membership and observe the Chapter’s operations.   It is not long before YOU realize you are meeting the power house leaders in our industry, YOU are learning best practices, and getting an insider’s history lesson of the community and the area’s culture and uniqueness.    It is the Governor’s role to share these best practices with the rest of the State’s Local Chapters and to ensure that the practices fit within the guidelines of the WCR Bylaws and Standing Rules.

As a Governor, another benefit in meeting members throughout the State, you are able to best connect client sales leads with our member’s personal niches and strengths as you are able to market yours.  You are making a difference in your business!

 I have met such incredible members throughout the State of Texas, working with our Local Chapters, our State Officers and the Chapter Assistance Team.  As a Governor you work with everyone at every level and the opportunity for personal growth is off the chart!   I have met such warm and giving members that have provided leadership and generosity to their families, friends and community that I cannot help but find encouragement to be a better person.

What AMAZING gifts!

Nancy Garcia
Governor – Area A