1. What is your real estate background?  Number of years and primary experience?  I have been in real estate since 1992 in both residential and commercial.
  2. Why did you join Women’s Council of REALTORS? Felt I could make a positive impact on an industry that I love and that the organization would have a powerfully positive impact on me professionally, personally and expand my view of the industry beyond my past experiences.
  3. What has been your involvement with your local chapter? Some one asked and thought I would be a good leader so I was encouraged to see what their mission and vision was and found it touched my heart and could not say no from there.
  4. Why do you believe that Women’s Council is still a viable organization? Because in today’s world view of the industry as a whole is not thought of in a positive light.  The Council is a shining light that there is good being done, that there is a chance we can make a difference in not only the profession but also the perspective of those whom we serve in finding a place for people to live out their lives in a place we all call home. That some day we will be looked upon as an asset worth the money they pay us and the time we give is valued.  Mostly to be a REALTOR(R) you have to be a giver and those whom are not find themselves having a difficult time making a successful career.
  5. What ideas do you have to increase membership and strengthen chapters?  I think the ability to allow others to bring new fresh ideas while balancing the tradition of our values, mission and vision.  Our markets shift, our lives shift (our body’s shift not mine of coarse but I have been told that 🙂 and if our organization does not shift with the shifts then it will see lack of need to fill the gap that is there.  I also see a huge trend from big brokerages to small ones coming since the market for that has changed with the internet and what those whom we serve has changed.  The council would be well served in seeking out those brokerages as a place where they can find help, support and training that will be lost in this new trend.  Sure, people can go online and find resources and help but not a hug from a friend whom they respect and know will help support not only professionally but personally as well.  Relationships are what they are good and bad but with them we grow.  It takes more than water and sunlight to make a stunning garden; it takes learning to toss out weeds, but also to learn to live with them as well and don’t forget you must fertilize things sometimes and even if it stinks you must do it, because there is going to be wonderful fruits from your experiences that you will be able to learn from and best of all grow from.  Real estate as a career is a garden. Women’s Council of REALTORS is a field filled with all the things you need to reach your full potential, getting the word out to those that if they will just get in there and work a little and stretch themselves,  they too will have an awesome experience that I have been blessed with over the past few years.  Don’t forget if you don’t get a little dirt on your shoes you won’t know you were there at all.
  6. Personal information that you would like to share about yourself and family. WOW, well I live to live a full out life and anyone that knows me knows that about me.  I can tell you that I have grown a lot ,some good,  some a pant size too much but all in all I feel if I can laugh with folks and help them an anyway I will be a blessed person.  It’s really not all that hard except that I (we) get in our own way sometimes.

I wish I could learn to like filing, working out and not liking chocolate.  Blessings to all

Thank you…

Cindi Stewart
Broker/Owner of
Texas Sold Team Realty, LLC
424 Keller Parkway
Keller, TX 76248
Office: 817-337-5169
Fax: 817-796-1242


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Women’s Council of REALTOR’S®

Local Chapter President 2008
State of Texas Chair for Technology 2009
National Chair of Social Media 2011
2009 Entrepreneur of the year Locally
2010 Entrepreneur of the year State of Texas

This is a great day and there will not be another one just like it, enjoy fully it will be over soon good or bad.