El Paso
Highland Lake

Step right up! Step right up! Are you the next contestant in our new Recruitment and Retention plans? Well if you are looking in the Austin area this is what you will find…Amy Kobza and her committee Victoria, Annie, Shelby, Rose, and Cheryl are all off to the races. Horses that is. Yup you heard it right they have created a fun way to earn points and members by Horse Racing. They had their very first contest which ended Jan 31st where they were able to saddle up 5 new members and 43 renewals!!! Talk about a close race.

Now we head over to the West Texas town of El Paso where you will find Sam Trimble as the VPM. Sam has partnered up 5 committee members to help him with their very first Membership Orientation/Mixer which was held on March 1st where they had a National Technology Speaker from California to teach the newest and upcoming apps! This speaker offered so many tools and techniques that all new and returning members will find valuable to join if they haven’t already. The Theme “Geek Wedding” ended up getting 7 new local affiliate members and 2 new National Members. Way to Go

Finish off with Highland Lakes where Tammie Bennett is the VPM there and worked diligently on their first Membership Orientation on March 1.st They invited everyone to the “Painting with a twist” mixer. This was a great way to network and discuss the benefits of becoming a member, all the while learning how to paint a really neat picture step by step. Highland Lakes continues to work on building their membership every month!