District B4 is moving and shaking on the membership train!!

The Dallas chapter is still riding high on the great job they did with the January membership contest by taking 2nd place in the National Retention Contest with 61.26% retention rate!  They have hosted new member mixers with an iPad giveaway and staying on track completing the 1st qtr on a high note!

The Dallas Metro East chapter is moving forward with planned membership mixers, phone banks and orientations to give the best value to their new members.  The chapter is a buzz with lots of planned activities.

The SW Dallas chapter is busy contacting all members via phone banks and hosting mixers.  They have held orientations for the new members that have already joined them this year. The orientations have been a draw by showing the members, new and old the many uses of the WCR website.

Henderson County is making gains with their phone banks and new member orientations.  The new members are excited to see what WCR has to offer.

Tyler is doing a great job, scheduling membership mixers and making use of the many printed materials available from WCR showing the benefits of membership.

All these chapters are completing the 1st Quarter Retention & Recruitment Drive on TOP!!  We are looking forward to continuing the year with many new and exhilarating offerings for our membership.