Outreach That Works

Montgomery County Chapter was recognized by a member of Congress regarding the Operation Holidays for Heroes event that they have had for the past six years. Women’s Council asked that the chapter facilitate a Learning Lab session at the Midyear meeting in Washington, D.C.

Barbara Shrader, Immediate Past President; Pamela Oleksy, Community Outreach Chair; and Jeanne Lewis, Community Outreach Co-Chair presented this session.

Our goal was to help provide attendees with tips on improving their current endeavors and community awareness. We showed the audience how we got the idea for the program, the logistics for making the event successful, how the Congressmen became interested, and the longevity of the endeavor.

From all accounts and comments we met our goals. We were honored to be able to give back to the membership.

Barbara Shrader
2012 District Vice President

(Click on the link below of the presentation)