Past President Spotlight



Each quarter in 2014, we will feature one of our active state past presidents
in our WCR Texas Newsletter.  Imagine that at the end of your presidential
year, a time capsule had been created with information from your year and
we have recently uncovered it.

Our first quarter spotlighted Past President is Sandra Hunt,
2009 Texas State President

I.  Year as President

A.     Year as President:  2009

B.     Who were the line officers?

PE:  Deborah Spangler, SECRETARY:  Sharon Eddings, TREASURER: VaLois Hounsel, PAST PRES. Mary Ann Jeffers

C.     How many Governors (4)  Jim Dambeck, Michelle Murray, Jackie Galvan, Sherry Hartford
and TDVP’s (3) Kathleen Tacl, Tish Narendorf, Angela Tomlin with their names and Areas assigned within the state?

D.     When you were a Governor and/or TDVP; what areas/districts/chapters were assigned to you?

2006 TDVP El Paso, Midland, Odessa, Abilene
2007 GOV: Dallas area, & Tyler, Longview, Henderson

E.     How many members belonged to the state chapter? 1700

F.     Name of home chapter – which offices did you hold:

Greater West Houston…Secretary, PE, President, 2005.

G.    Personal information

1.  Husband, children, pets and where did you live

Husband, Jim Hunt held a special love for Women’s Council and was my most devoted fan and supporter until his death in 2013.  We met at the University of Texas married and lived in Dallas, my home town, we moved shortly afterwards to Houston where we lived and raised a family.

Children:  We had two sons.  Steven who has one daughter, Alex and resides in Plano, Tx and Greg who has a daughter, Heather, and a son, Tommy and resides in Phoenix, Az.

We have two darling little fuzzy girls, Muffin and Mitsi…white Shi-Tzu’s, who are my constant companions.

2.  Employment:

REALM R.E. PROFESSIONALS, REALTOR for 23 years.  Also worked for a national real estate magazine for 5 years as regional sales manager of 4 States and national trainer of sales personal for the western U.S from Washington state to Louisiana…

2.   2009 Leadership Orientation:  “University for Leadership Development”-  growing together through positive relationships

A.  Date? Oct. 9-12, 2008

B.  City The Woodlands, Tx

     C.  Venue Marriott Waterway

     D.  How many days? 3 1/2

     E.  National president attend?  Y-Becky Hill

     F.   Special speaker or event?

  • Spokesperson Training- TAR
  • HAR- Vickie Fullerton
  • TAMU Jim Gaines
  • Peter Roussel
  • Laura Lopez
  • Incoming WCR Natl. Pres. Becky Hill
  • Spectacular style show produced by Connie Parsons

     G.  What was the biggest problem?

Houston had the worst hurricane destruction in recent history.  The damage was widespread from the bay area passed The Woodlands.  The Marriott hotel sustained damage that was being repaired, membership was repairing their personal homes and businesses, and there was a general consideration for cancelling the event altogether. And, if we did, would we face an outstanding debt to the hotel.  We did not know how many would/could show, even if they had registered.  But, in the end, we had good attendance (people came who wanted to get away from the problems for a few days) and the orientation was a success both in attendance and financially.

    H.  What was the highlight?  The membership.  We faced adversity and turned it into a success.  They came and participated even with severe problems at home.  We celebrated Women’s Council and the friendships shared during a stressful period of time.

3.  Best memory of 2009: 

The Chapters.  I visited all the Chapters during my term and each was unique, fun, and an education in the different cultural makeup of our large State.  I loved getting better acquainted with the local leadership in a relaxed atmosphere of companionship.

4.  Funniest memory of 2009:  My first governing board meeting as President.  There was a slew of motions, amendments, and amendment to the amendment, to the amendment.  I was so happy to get through the parliamentarian procedure correctly, that I misread my watch, thought it was an hour later than it was, and afraid we would miss the start of the luncheon, rushed everyone through the final 30 minutes of the meeting.  We finished at 10:30….Everyone was kidding me about the fastest governing board meeting they had been to for a while.

5.  Two most challenging issues of 2009:  The economy X 2.

It was the start of the fast fall in the real estate community and the National economy.  Everyone was afraid.  Strategic Partners were not sponsoring events, members were cautious about spending money on events and membership dues.  It was an uncharted territory that many REALTORS had not experienced in their careers.


II.  2014

A. What is your current involvement with Women’s Council?

It is my 4th year on the National Executive Board for Women’s Council.  Texas council; I am still involved in helping the local chapters as a team member of the Chapter Assistance & Training Team, chair of the Past President committee and presidential advisor the 2014 President, Sharon Morton.

B.  What do you see as the future of Women’s Council?

We have come a long way, but, we are still vital and changing to meet the member’s needs.  We have just launched a National Strategic Plan that is forward thinking and will benefit today’s member. I believe Women’s Council should be a part of each REALTOR’s business plan.  The return, both personal and professional, will be beneficial today and throughout one’s professional career.

C.  What are the most important issues facing us today?

Financial and social environments are having an impact on our changing profession.  Learning to plan and deal with a changing global market as well as the difference in the generational driven market are factors many see as challenges. Change, we all must be able to shift as these issues are changing.

D.  What “words of wisdom” would you give to our new members?

Get involved.  Don’t be a spectator, be a participant.  Women’s Council can be a fantastic networking power for your business.  The time you give to the Council will be repaid through growth, education, professionalism, and friendships.