Past President Spotlight

Mary Ann Jeffers
Broker Associate
Reliance Residential Realty

Each quarter in 2014, we feature one of our active state past presidents in our WCR Texas Newsletter.  Imagine that at the end of your presidential year, a time capsule had been created with information from your year and we have recently uncovered it.


View pics from 2008 meetings & events at:

Pics from many years are posted on our State site, but for now…. look at the 2008 meeting pics!  Thanks Connie Parsons and Pat Farrell for keeping photo memories for us!

  • I was President in 2008

  • Line Officers were: 

    • Linda Sheinall – Immediate Past President

    • Sandra Hunt –  President Elect

    • Deborah Spangler – Secretary

    • Sharon Eddings – Treasurer 

  • Governors:  4     

  • TDVP’s:  I believe we had 4 or 6, not really sure.

  • I personally served as Governor in 2004 but the areas were different but some of the Chapters I served were Houston, Tyler, El Paso. 

  • In 2008 we had over  1600 members in the Texas State Chapter. My home Chapter was and still is the San Antonio Chapter.

  • I am a Manager of Reliance Residential Realty and my office is in San Antonio located at 14141 Nacogdoches Rd.

  • My Orientation was held in San Antonio at the Marriott Plaza San Antonio Hotel and we had a fantastic meeting and Ann DeFries was the incoming National President.

  • Speakers were National President, Ann DeFries and Travis Kessler.  I had originally planned to have my pastor speak but he had an emergency so Travis came to my rescue as always.  At that time Travis was the CEO of my Board (San Antonio Board of REALTORSÒ).   It was a three-day venue and really did not have any problems other than having to get Travis at the last minute, which turned out to be fantastic.  The highlight was when the Past President’s did their skit and came out dressed like nuns to the tune of “I will Follow Him”.   Best Memory of 2008 was the entire year and all the friends I made during that time.  Funniest memory was seeing Ann DeFries dressed up as a Nun and Pregnant.

  • Most Challenging issues –  getting to all the Chapters, which I did but at times it was very hard.

  • My current involvement with Women’s Council is serving where needed and when asked.  I am doing what I was taught and getting involved at our State Association, TAR as well as National. 

  • Not sure where our Council is going but glad to see us back to be a Leadership Organization and we still have the same important issues facing us today that we have always had and that is Membership and getting our membership involved at different levels.

  • Words of Wisdom –  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not ready to move forward, or that you are not ready to handle that position.    If you have the passion, know in your heart you are ready and you are doing it for the right reason then you owe it to yourself to go for it.   Live your life and not let others try to do it for you.  Have fun and enjoy the journey.