Past President Spotlight


2013 Texas State President
TREC Approved Instructor
Accredited Buyers Representative
Performance Management Network
Serving the Dallas Metroplex

I.  Your year as President
A.  Which year?   2013
B.  Who were the line officers?   President Elect-Sharon Morton, Secretary-Holly Kincaid, Treasurer-Cathy Mitchell
C.  How many Governors and TDVPs with their names and Areas assigned within the state?
David Burton, Ethel O’Dell, Marty Chrisman
                  Cindy Cox, Nancy Garcia, Velma De Los Santos, Tom Gallagher, Jackie Galvan, Nikki Fulks
D.  How many members belonged to the state chapter? 1200
E.   Your Leadership Orientation

                        1.   Date? Oct 2012
                        2.   City? Horseshoe Bay
3.   How many days?   3
4.   National President attend?  Who?   Yes, Anita Davis
5.   What is the biggest problem?
The officer suite….the bedroom doors would not stay open.  One morning I went out of my bedroom into the other room to visit with other officers.  My door shut…locking me out of my room and my security latch was still locked.  So here I am in my pj’s with hotel security trying to break into my room…and for the record you can still break into a room even when it is latched shut.

            F.   What was the highlight?

                        1.   Best memory  There isn’t just one…

             – Seeing places/things and trying things I have never experienced.  My motto for the year was to Enjoy the Experiences…the good, the bad, the ugly…just experience it!  So I saw Mexico, dressed up for Charro days, ate Oysters, had twins (Chartered 2 new Chapters), attended a Quinceanera, dressed up like a Madam, saw the most beautiful stars, created a lifetime of memories and met people that have forever touched my life.

             – After being away for a solid week, meeting up with my family and my 13 year old asking me about being President…is it everything I hoped?…Would I do it again?…What am I learning?…Am I influencing others?  Yes, it melted this mama president’s heart!

                         2.   Funniest memory  Again, there isn’t just one…

            – All the Road trips…seriously I really hate road trips, but some of the best memories were created.  Someone ask Tanya Endicott about the Eiffel Tower we saw or ask Nancy Garcia about the beautiful trees along I-45.  Of course, we can’t mention road trips without mentioning the stops at Buc-ee’s (too many to count), being pulled over by the police (when we were already on the side of the road) and my car nearly being towed (thanks Rodney Rowan for saving the day).

            – The time our luggage broke the wheel off a luggage cart!

            – The time I flew to visit a Chapter and the Officer assigned to pick me up forgot.  The Chapter President was furious…I honestly thought it was hilarious, but said officer has never been assigned “President pick up duty” again.

            – The “Eye of the Tiger” Flash mob at Orientation.

                         3.   Two most challenging issues-I didn’t find much challenging. 
Chapters struggled with showing relevance to members.  Honest dialog helped them find ways to provide relevancy.  The other big struggle was money and budgeting…but we pinched pennies and worked it to raise the money.  Honestly I had a great team and could not have done anything without them…and that goes from my Presidential Advisor to my officers to the Local Chapter Officers.

II.   When were you a Governor and/or TDVP; what areas/districts were you assigned to?
DVP-Houston Area, Governor-Central Texas to South Texas (Started Heart of Texas Chapter and went all the way to McAllen)

III.   Name of home chapter; which officers did you hold?  Dallas Metro East-President, President-Elect

IV.   Personal information

  1.  Husband, children and where did you live? Casey (married 16 years), Chase (14) and Cayden (12).  We live in Rowlett, just East of Dallas.

  2.  Employment-Broker/Co-Owner of Boutique Real Estate Company

V.        2014

            What do you see as the future of Women’s Council?
I see us as a forward thinking group…we are the movers and shakers and Women’s Council will continue to stay the best organization in Real Estate. 

What are the most important issues facing us today?
Staying relevant   

What “words of wisdom” would you give to new members?
Get involved.  Women’s Council is an investment.  You are only going to get out of it what you are willing to put into it.