Past President Spotlight

Carolyn Wyckoff

Carolyn Wyckoff

1993 WCR Texas President

Your year as President

            A.        Which year?


             B.        Who were the line officers?

                        Pres-Elect= Frankie Jefferson         Secretary=Sandy Arnold Miller

                        Treasurer= JoAnn Stevens

             C.        How many Governors and TDVPs with their names and Areas assigned within the state?

                       Governors= Rebecca Carlson / Judy Camp /  ++

                       TDVP’s= Chairman – Avis Wukash

                                     Region 1-Betty Marold      Region 2-  n/a       Region 3-Cindy Hoover      

                                     Region IV- Sally Montgomery     Region V- Frances Barney     

                                     Region VI-Teresa Forbes      Region VII-Jackie Arnett

                                     Region VIII-Steve Presti     Region IX-n/a     Region X-Carolyn Rogers    

                                     Region XI-Sue Delaney      

             D.        How many members belonged to the state chapter?

                      1800+       36 Chapters / Added 2

             E.        Your Leadership Orientation

                        1.         Date?                    September, 1992

                        2.         City?                      Boerne, Tx

                        3.         Venue?                  Tapitia Springs

                        4.         How many days?            3

                        5.         National President attend?  Who?   Yes    Joan Deal

                        6.         What was the biggest problem?  Transportation

             F.         What was the highlight?

                        1.         Best memory

Watching each member getting to know each other on a personal basis and understanding how their positions fit into their Chapter.                       

                        2.           Funniest memory

Watching the members expressions as they discovered the wildlife around their cabins and how we relate to different environments.

                        3.         Two most challenging issues

A. Members understanding that WCR is a business

B.  Understanding how each member needed each other to have a successful year.

 II.         When were you a Governor and/or TDVP; what areas/districts were you assigned to?

                        Governor – 1990   The Central Texas Area

III.        Name of home chapter; which officers did you hold?

                        San Antonio – All

IV.       Personal information

  1.  Husband, children and where did you live?

         San Antonio

  1.  Employment

                         Broker/Owner  Carolyn Wyckoff Real Estate

V.        2016

            What do you see as the future of Women’s Council

A group of professionals who look at WCR as a business and accepts all challenges as steps to professional and personal growth.

 What are the most important issues facing us today?

In the fast moving world of today, we must see the importance of getting to know and understand each other and allow all professionals to express their ideas concerning life in general.  Accepting that no man is an island, but Together Everyone Can Achieve Their Goals.

What “words of wisdom” would you give to new members?

A new member of WCR needs to first understand what Women’s Council of REALTORS can do for them in their business and personal life.  Need to understand that wisdom comes from sharing and sharing comes from wanting each and every individual to succeed.  Membership and friendship in WCR creates trust and trust creates a healthy and open mind to each one’s leadership desires.