Past President Spotlight




Florence Terrell

2003 WCR Texas Chapter President

I.          Your year as President

            A.        Which year?   2003

            B.        Who were the line officers?  Carolyn Sutherlin PE, Charlene Lambert Secty/Treasurer and Becky Hill PP

            C.        How many Governors and TDVPs with their names and Areas assigned within the state?
 I know we had 3 governors and I believe 7 TDVPs
                        TDVP’S Carol Reynolds, Kathleen McKenzie Owens, Diane Green,

            D.        How many members belonged to the state chapter?   1700 – 1800

            E.        Your Leadership Orientation

                        1.         Date?  October, 2002
                        2.         City?  San Antonio
                        3.         Venue? Marriott Northwest
                        4.         How many days? 3
                        5.         National President attend?  Who?  Yes, Sue Flaig
                        6.         What was the biggest problem?  Coordinating comped rooms and verifying registrants.

             F.         What was the highlight?

                        1.         Best memory –  For me was doing the Installation so that Carolyn Sutherlin could be installed as President Elect.  She missed the installation due to the death of her mother.  So we all wore our same outfits and she was able to wear her “green” dress she had bought for installation. 

                        2.         Funniest memory – I checked into the hotel and was changing to meet guests and my skirt fell off of me.  I had surgery a few weeks before and did not realize I had lost so much weight.  So I had to go to North Star Mall and buy clothes for the weekend. 

                        3.         Two most challenging issues – Always logistics and where meetings were going to be held; having to borrow AV equipment, entertaining our National President while trying to be attentive to our members.  The other challenge was dealing with the death of our National Past Presidents, Joan Deal from Dallas and Rosanna Sumner from Abilene.  I was inundated with calls from all around the country due to our loss. 

 II.         When were you a Governor and/or TDVP; what areas/districts were you assigned to?
I believe it was 1998 for TDVP and I had Area B which was Bay Area Chapter, Houston, Katy Chapter & Houston 1960.  When I was Governor I had Houston and Dallas Chapters

III.        Name of home chapter; which officers did you hold?  San Antonio Chapter

IV.       Personal information

        1.   Husband, children and where did you live?  Charley J. Terrell, 7 blended children and I live in San Antonio
        2.  Employment – I have been a REALTOR® Broker-Associate 35 years.

V.       What do you see as the future of Women’s Council?

I think Women’s Council will always be the nurturing arm of all societies.  We encourage one another to do things we never thought possible, to take care of ourselves while learning how to perfect our skills.  WCR members are there for each other during good times and bad.  Each of us know we are never alone and that help is a phone call away.

What are the most important issues facing us today?

Leadership and training.  Members must be better trained to be leaders and learn how to get along with different personalities, parliamentary procedures, being a servant leader, and embracing new members to get involved.  We don’t need leadership that is an island.  We need the time, talents and even resources of all of our members to strengthen the organization from within.  Leadership needs to be open to receive advice and even criticism.  Stop taking it personally because we all want to see leaders do well.  Stop being so thin skinned and cannot take advice without feeling personally attacked.  If people didn’t care, they wouldn’t offer positive and negative advice.

What “words of wisdom” would you give to new members?

Get involved, go to national meetings, and develop friendships around the state and the country.

Even now that I am no longer in leadership in the state chapter;  I am still in touch with friends from around the country.  Oh, and the referrals are great.