Past President Spotlight


Marti Pattinson
2000 WCR Texas Chapter President

  1. Your year as President

             A.        Which year?  2000 aka Y2K

             B.        Who were the line officers?

President Elect – Cindy Skinner
Treasurer – Becky Hill
Past President – Rebecca Carlson

             C.        How many Governors and TDVPs with their names and Areas assigned within the state?

Three Governors:
Socorro Cochran, El Paso del Norte
Belinda Epps, Dallas Metro East
Florence Terrell. San Antonio

Seven TDVPs: info coming soon – but don’t tell them I can’t remember… L

            D.        How many members belonged to the state chapter?

1800+/- our goal for recruitment that year was 2000 – of course it was the year of 2000 or Y2K as it was affectionately tagged!

            E.        Your Leadership Orientation

   1.         Date? Sept 1999
                        2.         City? Galveston
                        3.         Venue? Moody Gardens
                        4.         How many days? 4
                        5.         National President attend? 

Unfortunately Brenda Ballard was unable to attend due to a conflicting schedule but our beloved Past National President from Texas Joan Deal was with us.  She was always so very gracious in her support of the Texas Chapter – she presented the Leadership Training Graduate (LTG) Course pro bono the day before the orientation. We had a standing room only crowd and actually had to limit registrations.  If I recall correctly we had sixty five attend the course.

Speaking of the LTG which is now known as our Performance Management Network courses I would like to highly encourage each of you to attend.  We need leaders to step up for the state chapter and the Leaders Excellence course focuses on proven leadership principles and practices. You’ll gain new understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in successful leadership. This course will help you uncover your own leadership strengths and then develop a personalized plan of next-level action in your career as well as in being a leader in the council. 

                        6.         What was the biggest problem?  We had no problems – only challenges!

            F.         What was the highlight?

 1.  Best memory being present at the El Paso del Norte Chapter meeting and them recruiting an unprecedented amount of new members at one meeting! Not exactly sure of the number any longer but it was twenty some odd… It was an amazing day to remember!

 2.  Funniest memory have you heard the story of “setting the palm tree on fire”? If you have skip to the next section…  Others will have a laugh on me! We were one of the first guest conferences of the newly opened Moody Gardens Hotel. In fact Becky Hill and I visited the hotel even before it was completed and wore hard hats during our tour! Well it was a lovely full moon night on the rooftop terrace where we had enjoyed a wine reception, networking, a scrumptious dinner with a fabulous fashion show featuring some of our beautiful members and a nice cool breeze.  The finale was a surprise fireworks presentation. With Mr. Dean, General Manager watching from his penthouse one of the palm trees on the terrace erupted into flames!  Of course the entire hotel and the award winning fine dining restaurant guests were privy to the whole display and the palm tree ablaze!  No one was injured but they did kind of scurry back into the building while the poor dj and pyro technician was shimmying up the tree bare feet and all with a fire extinguisher under his armpit. Needless to say – I have never lived this down with those who were around in Y2K!

3.    Two most challenging issues


While it was a real pleasure and I was treated like royalty at every chapter one of my challenges was coordinating the visits and actually traveling to ALL local chapters!  But I accomplished the task and would not have missed the opportunity! In total there were something like 37-38 trips for me that year including local, state, regional and national meetings… Not counting attending most of my local chapter monthly meetings and several of the Houston area chapter monthly meetings. 

Fortunately for me I had been mentored by some of the best and planned well in advance to get systems in place to keep on task with my real estate business as well as my responsibilities as the state chapter President. So while it was a challenge to keep up, it all was a positive experience and was my most successful year in my real estate career earning a six figure income.

II.         When were you a Governor and/or TDVP; what areas/districts were you  assigned to?

Was a TDVP in 2001 and served the Austin, Brownsville, McAllen and San Antonio Chapters. In 2003 I served as Governor for all Members–at-Large, Abilene, Austin, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, El Paso del Norte, McAllen, Midland, Odessa and San Antonio. And, I served as Regional Vice President in 2004 with visits to all three of the five of state meetings. Two states did not have state meetings. The Moody Gardens Hotel even welcomed us back for the Regional Conference that year!

 III.        Name of home chapter; which officers did you hold?

Fort Bend has been my home chapter and I served every office except Secretary!  You can’t take minutes if you are a “talker”!

 IV.       Personal information

  1.  Husband, children and where did you live?

My only daughter now resides in north Texas with her husband of nearly twenty-five years who are the parents of my three “grands”. They aren’t babies or kids anymore. One graduated with an engineering degree last year and married this past summer. And, the opposite-sex twins are both in college and will re-unite next semester attending Texas Tech – yes Guns Up!

2. Employment

My entire working career has been real estate related.  I started out in multi-family property management as a leasing agent, became a manager then decided to obtain my real estate license when only 30 hours of class were required. But never took the state exam and stayed in management and later in administration!  Ten years later when I decided again to obtain my license when 90 hours was then required – I passed the state exam in 1987 and began working as a RE/MAX agent and because I had been in Administration with RE/MAX of Texas and a local broker/owner. Due to the relationships with Houston area RE/MAX agents I had a very successful year as a rookie and was tagged an “FHA Queen”. No one across the city wanted to work FHA loans except me so there were many referrals!  In 1988 I purchased a RE/MAX franchise in Sugar Land and remained with RE/MAX till 2003 when I was in north Texas having fun helping raise my grands and moved my license to an independent brokerage. Upon my return in 2013 to the Houston / Fort Bend area I associated with REALM Real Estate Professionals.

 V.        What do you see as the future of Women’s Council?

The future for the council is going to be lead and held together by a younger, more vibrant new generation of leaders. As I have said to many of you and want to reiterate here so everyone reading this know – I want to see the next generation of leaders aspire to greater heights by thinking outside the box while staying inside the box with the bylaws and rules set forth by the national leaders of our organization.  If we remain true to our core values yet change with the growing times it will be easy to retain and recruit members who will represent the best of the industry. We will have leaders living and working with integrity, who will grow their client base and be more productive in their careers as well as community, by serving others by being disciple who are making disciples of the rookies of our industry in service to one another for the benefit of everyone and everything we do.

 What are the most important issues facing us today?

Economic times play havoc with retention and recruiting. Economic ups and downs are uncontrollable for the most part. But if we, the council members, will remain diligent about maintaining the relationships we establish and learn to articulate what the council means to each of us in the terms of education and how it has helped us to remain profitable in the down turns then no matter what the economy does we will remain viable.

What “words of wisdom” would you give to new members?

Relationships are critical and are returning back to being of utmost importance.  During the most recent years we were headed in the wrong direction in my opinion. Your friends, the members of the council are valuable to you! Honor them, respect them, encourage them, listen to them, give attention to them and most of all love them for the unique individual they were designed to be.